Special Services

8º Plato has developed several customizable services designed to take your shopping experience to a new level.

Keg Requests & Kegerators

Yep. We can do this. No Problem.

You need a keg for your graduation, birthday, or holiday party?  We will go above and beyond to find the keg you are looking for.  Have a kegerator? We can have a running keg order waiting for you, based on your specifications. Want an AMAZING gift for your special someone? We’ll help you choose and order a personal kegerator, deliver and set it up.  Have no idea what to do with a kegerator to keep it clean and well maintained? We can get a new keg delivered, your tap line cleaned and your old keg returned to the store on a scheduled basis. We’ll even stock your bar for you in the process.

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Party / Beverage Service

8º Plato is proud to provide a variety of beverage catering for weddings, events, business celebrations and private beer tastings. From something as simple as specially curated beers for your tailgate or a full bar with specialty cocktails for your wedding – we can cover it.

Hospitality and entertaining drive our business, so we understand how important it is to make the impression you desire when you are hosting a party. We go out of our way to help you create a memorable event. Should you desire Hats of Shame for latecomers to your event, they’re included at no additional charge.

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Craft Boxes

We take Beer seriously. So, when you want to give the gift of Beer, we want to be the store you come to. Yes, we can customize a gift-wrapped box based on your individual wants or needs. Beer, food, accessories, gift cards and all of the above are available to you. Got an idea? Let us know. We can make this happen. With as little as 24 hours notice, we can make sure that the gift you give will be as memorable as the occasion.

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Schedule a BeerDelivery

There is NOTHING like cracking one of your favorite brews after a long meeting. All of a sudden, you’re closing the deal and having a beer with your new client. How cool is that?  We already make weekly deliveries to many offices around Southeastern Michigan so there’s no problem with customizing a delivery schedule to provide your business with freshly stocked beer by the bottle or keg.

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We like to think of ourselves as evolving into better humans on a daily basis, and this includes our knowledge of craft beer and the industry in general. If you need help with your craft beer IQ, are a restaurant looking to expand your craft beer selections, or a private club looking to get into craft beer for the first time, we can help. Let’s evolve together.

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