Twice Ice Release + Pietrzyk Pierogi

TUESDAY 05/21/2019

Can you hear that?? Can you hear the thunder a’rumblin’?

Storm’s comin’…a storm that’ll rattle your tastebuds, and shock you to your core. It’ll send a chill down your spine. Not a chill of fear, but a chill of refreshment.

This Friday is a very special Friday for us, as it marks the release of our latest collab with Watermark Brewing Company:

A DDH Brut IPA loaded with your favorite hops like Citra, Cascade, and Vic Secret.

Put that alongside one of the best pop-ups in the city (and a good friend of ours) Pietrzyk Pierogi, and shoot, you’ve got yourself a weekend all lined up. As always, Erika of Pietrzyk Pierogi will be bringing out 4 pierogi varieties as well as a plethora of other Polish inspired dishes.

Prepare yourself. Storm’s a’comin’.