Right Brain w/ Motor City Pasty Co. and Autobahn on Saturday

TUESDAY 02/27/2018

Two! Count ’em, TWO food venues this week:

Our newest food truck friends Motor City Pasty Company will be pairing up with Right Brain Brewery this Friday, March 2, serving one of Michigan’s favorite up north snacks with some of Michigan’s favorite up north beer.

  • Chai CEO Stout
  • Thai Peanut
  • Who Gose There
  • Rye NEIPA

While there will be some pasties available for walk-ins, Motor City Pasty Company is already taking pre-orders here: https://squareup.com/store/motor-city-pasty-company

Autobanh will also be at our shop on Saturday, March 3, with a Tofu Caprese and a BLT Bahn Mi as well as their fantastic Sesame Chippers. #nomnomnom

Motor City