Downey and Irie Occasions

MONDAY 08/20/2018

For the first time ever, we will be featuring Dearborn’s latest and greatest, Downey Brewing Company.

Downey got started like this:

The ethos of Downey Brewing Company have roots in the world of home brewing.  Dean, with a background in chemistry, has been brewing beer since the early 90’s, and like many home brewer’s had aspirations of opening his own brewery one day.  John started to brew beer while still a student at Michigan State and really jumped in feet first, taking a real interest in the process and art of brewing as well as the craft beer industry itself.   With some practice, some self-education and a bit of talent delicious full flavored craft beers were produced and enjoyed by friends and family.  Great beer being fundamental and necessary for a successful brewery it is far from a complete picture, or pitcher in this case.

Downey will be paired up with Irie Occasions, a culinary pop-up specializing foods from paradise. Jamaican tacos, fresh ceviche, veggie paella. We’ve featured Irie Occasion before and they crushed it.

Join us Friday, August 24, at 4:00 p.m. for this unique and delicious pop-up and beer pairing.

Downey Irie Occasions