Brewery Vivant Friday Tasting!

THURSDAY 01/18/2018

Brewery Vivant

Can I taste it? Yes, yes you can.

Brewery Vivant is coming to our little shop near you. These Belgian and French inspired brewers are kickin’ out some amazing saisons, quads, sours, french ales, Belgian IPAs and if you haven’t tried this nectar of the gods already, now is your chance.

This Friday, January 19, Brewery Vivant will be joining us in our Ferndale store from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. dishing out free, yes I said FREE, samples of their tasty beverages for you to sip, discuss, and enjoy. Don’ forget to bring some home with you when you stop in! We’ve plenty of their varieties in the shop and if you left that special someone back at home, we know they’d really appreciate it. It’s the season of giving, isn’t it still? Who said giving ends at the holidays.

We’ll see you this Friday for our Brewery Vivant sampling. Bring a friend, bring your mother, bring your dog, bring little Jimmy from down the block. Can’t wait to see you!

More information on Brewery Vivant can be found on their website HERE.