Ballast Point Tappin’ Happenin’

TUESDAY 12/05/2017

Ballast Point will be in Thursday December 7 with some awesome beers:

Peanut Butter Victory at Sea – 10% ABV
A big ol’ Imperial Porter without the chocolate – just Peanut Butter.

Sour Wench – 7% ABV
Sour Wench was a Home Brew Mart recipe that we made every year for the Southern California Home brewers Fest in Temecula. This Blackberry Ale was originally developed by Ballast Point’s original Master Brewer Peter A’Hearn and Colby Chandler.

Bonito – 4.5% ABV
Our Bonito blonde ale is inspired by our perma-sunny days. This brew draws you in with its golden color and soft malt character, while the light mouthfeel and dry finish keeps you coming back. And what would set a San Diego blonde apart? A subtle hint of hops, naturally.

Manta Ray – 8.5% ABV
This new IPA rises above the rest. We’ve developed many IPA recipes in our R&D program, but right from the tank, our Manta Ray Double IPA was a winner. Aromas of fresh, citrusy tangerine, melon and light pine leap from the beer and linger over a smooth finish. Like its namesake, this brew can sneak up on you – a big beer without a bite.