Enough SAID

Enough SAID Saturday

Zach and Christian here, writing you on behalf of all the staff, past and present, of 8° Plato Detroit. If you haven’t heard already, we are up to something.

In partnership with Batch Brewing Company, Enough SAID, and the Michigan Women’s Foundation, we will be raising money all day July 15 to test some of the thousands of Wayne County rape kits that have been back-logged since 2009. Batch has brewed us a beer and we’re going to sell it hard to raise the funds.

The event is set, and now the real work begins. We need to move this beer. The only reason we are confident that we can pull it off is because of you.

We believe that craft beer is better, it tastes better, it is produced with intentions greater than generating profits, and is consumed with intentions greater than attaining a buzz. Above all else though, we believe that craft beer is better because it is a force for positive change in this world.

Hopefully you believe these things too. So here what you need to do:

Bring people with you to the event on July 15. We are beer people. Our families know it, our coworkers, our friends, people who share our other hobbies, they know this about us. This is the perfect chance to show them what that really means. The beer we brewed is light, approachable, and delicious. Anyone can drink it. We have lined up a full slate of events for you to attend and hopefully support our cause during. Send your hippie friend who doesn’t drink because their body is a temple to yoga, bring your friends who are about that #brunchlife to our brunch with Sister Pie, and send your mate who has never been to 8 Degrees because we close too early for some after dark live music.

Lend your voice to ours on social media. Like, attend, share, speak out. Many of you have already done this. It may seem insignificant, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This beer is for drinking. We don’t have to explain this part to you. We’ve seen y’all perform this task with distinction. This is a charge particularly suited to our special set of skills. Remember we need each of you for the long haul so drink responsibly. Line up a driver.

Please spread the word. If you are drinking July 15, do it at 8 Degrees Plato Detroit.

The event schedule, signup links, and donation page can all be found here.