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What’s On Draft Right Now

Our 16 drafts rotate nearly every week so there's always something new to try every visit. We do our best to keep our menus on Untappd up to date day-to-day. Hop on this link over to our Read More

Twice As Nice: Twice Ice

We're back at it again with Watermark Brewing Company. Rather than come up with an entirely new beer, we revisited our last year's collaborative brew "Brut Ice." Going back to the drawing board, we determined this Brut IPA needed a TON more…

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Why Does My Beer Taste Like Bananas?

Have you ever had a Bavarian weissbier or hefeweizen and thought to yourself, “this beer tastes like bananas!” For those of you that have, what you are actually tasting is a nifty little organic compound called Isoamyl acetate. Isoam…

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A Silhouette for Grisette

Grisettes. What are they? Where do they come from? And most importantly, what do they taste like? We keep seeing this style of beer hit the shelves and yet, there is so little information out there about them. Let’s start at the top. G…

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So, What Is “Degrees Plato”?

To answer another frequently asked question in the store, “What does your name mean?,” today we are going to explore what degrees Plato actually means, and how it differs from other measurements associated with the brewing process. O…

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Off-Flavors Caused By Yeast

Have you ever opened a beer and been like, “Huh, that doesn’t seem right….”? While we always think about all the positive and delicious things about beer, there are some tell-tale signs of contamination or poor brewing methods. By s…

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What’s the Difference Between an Ale and a Lager?

In light of this question being asked often at the shop, this week we would like to highlight the difference between ales and lagers. There are some distinguishing factors that split the two forms of beer at their base. These words, ale …

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Fun With Hops

Most beer drinkers already know about hops, the small nuggets of joy that bring bitterness and life to beer, but there's also a lot more to hops than meets the eye. In this article we'll explore what a hop really is and some varieties that …

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