Have you ever opened a beer and been like, “Huh, that doesn’t seem right….”? While we always think about all the positive and delicious things about beer, there are some tell-tale signs of contamination or poor brewing methods. By studying and becoming more familiar with these flavors; breweries, brewers, and drinkers alike can help make beer be the best it can be.

There are many off flavors caused by a multitude of things, but today let’s concentrate on off flavors as they relate to yeast.

While malts and adjuncts can add tons of flavor to beer, yeast is the king of flavor and aroma, and can be attributed to a large variety of positive flavors as well (the naming and flavor/aroma profile becomes much more complicated at this point.)

Next time you second guess your beer see if you notice any of these flavors. Refine your palate and dedicate yourself to good beer.


P.S. If you’ve read this article please mention it to an employee next time you’re in and we’ll be happy to take $1 off your first beer in Detroit, or a $1 off your first six pack in Ferndale from now until the end of April.

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