Taste our three-way collaboration beer

MONDAY 06/20/2016

Back in February we pumped a Two James Madeira Whiskey barrel full of  Motor City Brewing Works Imperial Stout and stowed it safely at the front of our Detroit store to work its oaky, boozy magic over the course of a year.

The three-way collaboration beer, dubbed Ménage dé troit, will be tapped for our second quarterly tasting next week. We will have tasting sheets available for those who wish to track the flavor and aroma of the beer as it develops.

After the tasting, the barrel will be sealed up for another three months and will continue to impart its subtle alcohol and wood notes to the beer. When one year has passed, Ménage dé troit will be carbonated, kegged, and served up exclusively on our tap lines.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to track the effects barrel aging has on a beer in real time! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for an announcement on the date and time of the tasting.