In lieu of flowers, a bouquet of beer for Mom

FRIDAY 05/06/2016

If blooms are your go-to gift, change things up this Mother’s Day with floral beer that Mom is sure to love:

Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire IO

This Saison is brewed with hibiscus, rose petals, and rose hips. With high effervescence, this beer is reminiscent of sipping champagne. Jolly Pumpkin’s signature sour notes complement the floral sweetness.

To Øl Gossip

Rosy floral notes are balanced by the salty tartness that is unique to Gose style beers. This one is crisp, with some citrus zing, and loads of rose hips for a taste that is super floral, but not overly perfumey.

Bitter Old Fecker Strutter

Chamomile, Juniper and hop bitterness shine in this barrel aged IPA. Floral notes progress to a mellow, oaky bourbon finish. This complex beer has an herbal tea-like flavor and aroma.

Brasserie Fantome Pissenlit

This Belgian Saison is brewed with loads of dandelions. A fruity aroma gives way to an intoxicating array of spicy, earthy flavors and a dry finish.

Wolf Moon Hibiscus Mixer

If Mom prefers craft spirits, this all-natural hibiscus mixer made from fruits, vegetables, cane sugar and flowers creates a truly unique cocktail. Try mixing it with beer for a refreshing spin on a Shandy. Wolf Moon mixers are made right here in Detroit, what’s not to love!