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Off-Flavors Caused By Yeast

Have you ever opened a beer and been like, “Huh, that doesn’t seem right….”? While we always think about all the positive and delicious things about beer, there are some tell-tale signs of contamination or poor brewing methods. By s…

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What’s the Difference Between an Ale and a Lager?

In light of this question being asked often at the shop, this week we would like to highlight the difference between ales and lagers. There are some distinguishing factors that split the two forms of beer at their base. These words, ale …

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Fun With Hops

Most beer drinkers already know about hops, the small nuggets of joy that bring bitterness and life to beer, but there's also a lot more to hops than meets the eye. In this article we'll explore what a hop really is and some varieties that …

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Join Our Plato Nation!

Happy Hour Drafts All Day - $1 Off Growlers - 10% Off Merchandise - Special Event Invitations and Discounts - A Special Plato Nation Glass For Every Draft Beer - Plus More To Come! - Only $50 for the year. Pick up your Pla…

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The Hymn of Ninkasi

Ancient Sumer, located south of the heart of mankind Mesopotamia, is the most ancient civilization currently known. Credited with not only the invention of farming as early as 5300BC, written language in 4000BC, and perhaps socialization of…

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A Visit to Ellison Brewery

With the couple hundred of breweries opening up in Michigan, we at 8º Plato thought it would be fun to start visiting as many as we can and sharing their inside scoop. This week I visited Ellison Brewery and Spirits in East Lansing, who ha…

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These beers were made for summer

Heat waves, cook outs, fireworks... all signs that summer is finally here. We've got a cooler full of summertime staples and surprises to keep you quenched throughout the thirstiest season. The summertime staple: citrus-y Wheat …

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Taste our three-way collaboration beer

Back in February we pumped a Two James Madeira Whiskey barrel full of  Motor City Brewing Works Imperial Stout and stowed it safely at the front of our Detroit store to work its oaky, boozy magic over the course of a year. The three-wa…

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Cheers to 150 Years of Vernors

Vernors, Detroit's iconic ginger pop, celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. The fizzy, golden ginger drink got its start in a Woodward Avenue soda fountain, and, as the beverage's popularity grew, a bottling plant and company headquar…

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